The Swords to City Centre Core Bus Corridor Scheme (the Proposed Scheme) will support integrated sustainable transport usage through infrastructure improvements for active travel (both walking and cycling), and the provision of enhanced bus priority measures for existing (both public and private) and all future services who will use the corridor.

It will commence south of Swords at the Pinnock Hill Junction, travelling in a southerly direction along the R132 Swords Road past Airside Retail Park, Dublin Airport and Santry Park. The route will continue on the R132 past Santry Demesne, where the Swords Road joins the R104 at Coolock Lane. The route will continue on the R132 in a southerly direction through Santry village. It will continue along the Swords Road past Whitehall to Griffith Avenue. The route will follow Drumcondra Road Upper past the DCU St Patrick’s Campus to the river Tolka. It will continue through Drumcondra, on Drumcondra Road Lower to Binns Bridge on the Royal Canal. From there it will continue on Dorset Street Lower as far as Eccles Street, from where it will continue on Dorset Street Upper to North Frederick Street.

Inbound buses will continue southeast on North Frederick Street and Parnell Square East until the route finishes at Parnell Street. Outbound, the route will travel north-east from Parnell Street, past the Rotunda Hospital, along Parnell Square West and Granby Row until it will join with Dorset Street Upper.

The aim of the Proposed Scheme is to provide improved walking, cycling and bus infrastructure on this key access corridor in the Dublin region, which will enable and deliver efficient, safe, and integrated sustainable transport movement along the corridor. The Proposed Scheme is a key measure that delivers on commitments within the National Development Plan (2021-2030), the Transport Strategy for the Greater Dublin Area (2022-2042) the Climate Action Plan (2023) and the National Planning Framework 2040.


Planning Documentation

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Chapter 2 Need for the Proposed Scheme Appendix

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Chapter 7 Air Quality Appendix

Chapter 8 Climate Appendix

Chapter 9 Noise and Vibration Appendices

Chapter 10 Population Appendices

Chapter 12 Biodiversity Appendix

Chapter 13 Water Appendices

Chapter 14 Land, Soils, Geology and Hydrogeology Appendices

Chapter 15 Archeology and Cultural Heritage Appendices

Chapter 16 Architectural Heritage Appendix

Swords to City Centre ABP Case Number ABP-317121-23 Letter 1 June 2023

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Preliminary Design Report

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